The MISEREOR Lenten Campaign 2020

Give peace

When I hear news about wars breaking out, about violence, death and destruction, I feel sad, angry and powerless. Why do we human beings not learn from history? What role do religions play, with their potential for both violence and peace? What are the names of the girls and boys, the women and men, the victims of war, who are left behind or forced to flee? What part do we play in wars as individuals, as a society and as the Church? What is our contribution to peace? These are the questions we want to ask during the Lenten Campaign 2020.

In Syria and Lebanon, MISEREOR is focusing on two countries characterised not only by great ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, but also by numerous conflicts. The conflict in Syria alone, which has gone on for more than eight years, has cost 500,000 people their lives. Since the war began in 2011 more than six million Syrians have been forced to leave their country in search of safety and refuge. Twelve million people in Syria are dependent on humanitarian aid. The living conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and of the Lebanese population are becoming more and more difficult. 

In a setting of persistent violence and insecurity, MISEREOR's partner organisations the 'Jesuit Refugee Service' and 'Pontifical Mission' help people regain strength to cope with the challenges of everyday life.  Education and psychosocial support are integrated in a way that enables them to lay the foundations for peaceful coexistence. 

Let us join together during the Lenten Campaign 2020 in developing prospects for people with different backgrounds and identities to live together. Join us in strengthening the engagement of people in Syria, in Lebanon and in Germany for a free, open and just society, so that peace may grow.


J?rg Nottebaum

Desk Officer, Lenten Campaign

The MISEREOR Lenten Veil 2019/2020 by Uwe Appold: 'Where are you?'

God's question challenges us: Where do you stand, and what will you stand up for? Who are you? Asking us where we are now. And what new direction we might take. A question aimed at the core of every human being's responsibility.
Uwe Appold (Flensburg) has worked with earth from Jerusalem, which supports the golden ring and the 'common home' with the open door. At the centre stands God's assurance that His love will bring particularly the excluded inside, into the middle. 
In parishes, school and groups the Lenten Veil will open up a space for creativity and a dialogue to get positive solutions for our 'common home' under way, and fetch all the excluded from the margins to the centre.

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During the Lenten Campaign 2015 MISEREOR will be inviting people to change course. Climate change, which is partly caused by human beings, requires us to think anew, so that globally just, peaceful and sustainable action can ensue. Causes and impacts of climate change are presented and discussed, taking the lives of poor fishing families along the coast of the Philippines as an example.


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According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), people are said to be suffering from chronic hunger when their food intake regularly provides less than the minimum energy needed for a healthy body and an active life.


Educational and other activities during Lent

Learning and getting actively involved together, collecting ideas and donations. For more information on this in German, click here

Guests from Syria and Lebanon

Starting on Ash Wednesday, we will be welcoming MISEREOR partners from Syria and Lebanon. Click here for more information (in German) about the individual guests